From the design mind of Alexander Shorokhoff, inspired by the spirit and times of a country that burgeoned ahead in the fields of Science, Politics, and the Arts — the CCCP watch collection draws its design inspiration from the life and times of a significant part of the modern political era of the Soviet Union.

It was the Soviet Union that launched the first man-made object into space – and it was Yuri Gagarin, the cosmonaut who took with him the hopes and dreams of mankind as he became the first human being into space – breaking free from the Earth below.

The Friendmann Automatic (above) is influenced by a group of vintage Russian timepieces that did away with traditional watch hands in place of discs and unique shapes.

Named for the second spacecraft ever launched into Earth’s orbit, carrying the dog Laika who would eventually pave the way for humans in space, the Sputnik-2 is an innovative timepiece with all the extra details that vintage Russian technology demands. An automatic 27-jewel Russian Slava self-winding movement with date keeps it ticking with total precision.

Called Kashalot (left) for the Russian Navy fleet’s favorite submarine, this Kashalot Dress watch highlights classic features with premium construction. If you’re someone who pays attention to the details, you’ll notice the paradigm-shifting combination of vintage kerning and modern materials. The Heritage Gospoda (right) with its Russian Slava mechanical automatic movement exposed through the tinted crystal showcasing a 3-hand display and date function.


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