Ever seen a watch that can do this? 👆The Mazzucato RIM (“Reverse Industrial Movement”) uses a quick-release catch that allows the case to flip over to a second dial. One quick maneuver transforms your watch from an automatic racing-inspired display to an elegant yet sporty chronograph. The most striking thing about the RIM watch by Mazzucato is the design. Inspiration is drawn from the world of motor racing, where everything is honed down to the smallest detail, and every last component is designed for high-level performance.

With its slogan “Never Boring,” Mazzucato brings a truly unique design to the table. Design elements of RIM are inspired by the world of motor racing, as seen by the dial that recalls the alloy rims of sports race cars.


The true product concept, to which the name refers (RIM = ‘Reverse Industrial Movement’), is RIM’s dual analogue and chronograph watch function.

The reverse system allows the case to be inverted fully in both directions. A quick-release catch releases the crown from its protection by rotating the crown protector. Two special arms allow the case to rotate freely, and a clearly recognizable click tells you when the case is in the correct position to be locked back into place. One simple maneuver transforms the RIM into an elegant and sporty chronograph watch.

The design may be the main stand-out feature, but the materials the watch is made from come in a close second.


The hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel case features an alternating glossy and brushed metal effect. The K1 mineral glass is scratch-resistant and has an anti-glare treatment, and the graphic elements are made of anodized aluminum.

The strap is made of two-tone FKM and, like the dial, has been designed with scrupulous attention to detail. The inside of the short side contains the Mazzucato logo, the name of the collection and the origin of the design, while the inside of the long side displays the technical specifications, the reference number (laser inscribed) and the movement’s beat rate. The double Z, the brand’s hallmark, can also be made out, and is found on the top side.